The east

Welcome to Tal'Vorn. Welcome to the World.

True Freedom In A World That Alters All Around You
The Ability To Explore The Boundaries Of Your Skill As A Roleplayer
An Immense World With Billions Of Inhabitants
A Character Driven Judging System That Rewards You For Living Rather Then Just Fighting

When darkness o'erwhelms the land,
When seas run red and rivers boil,
Seek out now, to save thy souls,
The ones of legend, of strength and power,
The immortal ones reborn once more,
To walk Tal'Vorn in mortal form.

The hybrid-breed, the gleaming knight,
Soulless-Born and lacking sight.

The russet-haired, pale-fleshed slayer,
And every kill her own bloody prayer.

The undying lady,yet cannot kill,
Always fearless yet fearing still.

Youth and age, both through currents steer,
Beauty and wisdom that Time holds dear.

The Dragons daughter, AllFather belov├ęd,
Heart of fire and by Or mothered.

A Striken melody so sweetly played,
A mismatched gaze and a raven blade.

A soothing Fae of burgeoning skill,
Loves all that lives and will not kill.

The exiled air-walker who still can fly,
Twinned forms of cat and child of sky.

And the search for the Twelve continues . . . .

Welcome to Tal'Vorn. Welcome to the World.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage), Brad Rumsey (Lithium), Alicia Rumsey (Escapist) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -