If you'd like to become an affiliate of Tal'Vorn, shoot an e-mail to or with a link to your site and a little blurb about it. You'll be informed if you're approved or not. (You most likely will be)

Official Roleplay :- Need help becoming a better rper? Want to learn more about text based roleplaying? Official Roleplay is the answer. It also has a forum where you can get one on one help with your rping and even practice your newly learned skills.

Shadow Angels Clan :- A superb, if somewhat young, roleplaying clan, hosted on the site "Giveupalready". The members are friendly and skilled rpers, and the ideas behind the clan are excellent. I heartily recommend joining this clan!

Starbase Sierra :- The year is 2384, and the Federation has survived many threats to its stability in the past 10 years. Being so close to the Romulan Neutral Zone, Starbase Sierra has been tasked with protecting the border from all threats, since recently new tensions have risen between the Romulans and the Federation.