[ Site Co-Owner/Founder | Josh Binks (Paladin) ]
Creator, designer, writer, God, chief Admin and all around king of the ring. Creator of Tal'Vorn and it's primary developer. Born in Derby, England, and can be most quickly described as a 'sarcastic lanky s***'. Will and has fought for Tal'Vorn with the average tenacity of a mother bear with irritable bowel syndrome. Also has the attention span of a ferret on meths being beaten around the head with a ball of meat. Which is interesting when you consider he's been making Tal'Vorn for the better part of thirteen years.
[ Server Owner/Coder | Chris Riley (Carnage) ]
Ah, the pet coder. Carnage owns the server that Tal'Vorn runs on, and has also known Absolution for a worryingly long time. And anyone who can put up with Paladin's rampent obcession with Tal'Vorn for THAT long deserves some respect. Like Absolution himself, Carnage lives in Derby but is currently in York doing some kinda degree, course, thing. I dunno, something to do with numbers and coding.
[ Site Co-Owner | Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) ]
Andanin has been, at various stages through Tal'Vorn's life, a Mod, S-Mod, Admin and Root Admin. Currently real life is taking its toll, so she's not working as a true staff member for the site. She is, however, still the co-owner of the website and everything on it, generally working to help write things up or act as an ever patient sounding board for Paladin's ever more demented ideas. Has a passion for tea and, somewhat fittingly, passionfruit. Can normally be found in the company of Demons, Mermen and Angels.