Tal'Vorn - Welcome to the world

Tal'Vorn - Welcome to the world


All materials including text and graphic images residing upon the Tal'Vorn website and Forum are protected by the copyright laws of Great Britain. Respectively, all content placed upon the said Forum is protected by United States copyright legislation, (title 17, U.S. Code) All respective ‘text’ and character information, as well as custom-made graphics are property of their respective owner(s). NO part of the Tal'Vorn website is to be copied for commercial reasons unless you have written permission from the owner of the site as well as the respective owner of the resource in question. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is a criminal offence, and if seen, Tal'Vorn will not hesitate to prosecute.

The administrators of Tal'Vorn are not responsible for the singular actions of its registered or unregistered members, either within or without the forum. The actions of singular people do not reflect the thoughts of the Tal'Vorn Staff. Administration staff are also not responsible for the affiliates, which may be linked from our site to theirs.

The responsibilities of the affiliated sites are solely upon the respective owners. The Administration team reserve the right to ban or suspend any member seen breaking any of the forum rules. They also retain the right to take down information from the website and to add content if needed. Advertisements may be placed upon the website in order to keep the site free for players.

Also, please be aware that this site contains graphic descriptions of violence, acts of a sexual nature, incestous and racist acts and may contain images of nudity. However, all of the afore mentioned is done for the purposes of roleplay, and never without a reason. However, becuase of this, Tal'Vorn is not considered work-safe and we highly recommend minors to check with their parents before joining the site.

For questions please contact one of the Administration team.