Tal'Vorn - Welcome to the world

Tal'Vorn is more then 10 years old as I write this. Created when I, Absolution, was only 12 years old, it's name did not emerge for a long time. Originally it was a simple story of a Dragon and a Mage who tried to save the world. Indeed the first locations for Tal'Vorn were penciled in at this point. Eventually the Twelve took form and then took centre stage.

From this point, the creation of Tal'Vorn seemed to go about itself. Where the Twelve went, new cities or places or islands sprang up. Eventually the world as it is today was set in stone by the very map located on this site. However, this was not to be the final chapter of Tal'Vorn.

With the creation of this website, Tal'Vorn grew exponentially larger. More then a dozen Races were added and rich history seemed to grow simply through these Races existing, from their interactions and hatreds over the long years of Tal'Vorn's existence. Now we seek, through this site and it's attached Forums, to develop the world still further, to bring it life like no other.